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Ultimate Camera Database

Find detailed information about many cameras used in filmmaking
By Florian Milz on August 2, 2017 | Featured, Promotion

As part of my daily job as a rental technician I had clients ask regularly for rather specific details about the cameras they want to use and I always kept spreadsheets with the most important specs for certain cameras. But the lists would eventually get lost or were in the wrong place when on the phone for example.

Questions like „How long can you record onto a card in specific settings?“ or “Which codec can be recorded in which resolution at what bit depth?“ were the most common.

One day I started compiling all the data from most of the rental‘s cameras into one central file and started building a website for viewing everything at any time from any device with a browser.

That‘s how the „Ultimate Camera Database“ came to life. The name was a fun nickname my colleagues and I had given the tool because all the essential data we needed was searchable in a central location. By no means does the tool cover every detail about any camera but it can be very helpful (especially for pre-production).

It soon became more interesting to more people than just me and my colleagues so I kept adding more and more cameras and it keeps growing constantly.

Cameras include Actions Cameras like GoPro Hero 4 and upwards, Photo Cameras and DSLRs like Canon 7D, 5D mark II, mark III, mark IV, Sony Alpha a7s, a7s II, professional Camcorders like Canon EOS C200, EOS C300, C300 mark II, Sony FS700, FS5, FS7 FS7 mk II, Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K and URSA Mini (Pro) as well as cinema Cameras like ARRI AMIRA, ALEXA Mini, ALEXA SXT W, Canon EOS C700, Sony PMW-F55. It also features links to RED‘s excellent calculator of their own.

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