Bits and Pixels Lens Coverage Tool and Lens databases

Lens Coverage Tool and Lens databases

Check the coverage of cinema and photo lenses on your camera of choice.
By Florian Milz on September 15, 2018 | Featured, Promotion

After the very positive feedback for the Ultimate Camera Database I built in 2017 I decided to build on that success and offer even more data – this time for cine lenses.

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I am regularly confronted with questions like “What‘s the close focus distance of a lens?”, “What’s the front diameter of lens XY so I can use the correct donut or clip-on ring?” or “Does this lens cover the sensor of my camera when I want to record in this resolution?”

All of these questions begged for a few new databases and a tool that combines all the lens data with the camera data that has already been available in the Ultimate Camera Database.

With the new Lens Coverage Tool you can choose which camera you would like to use and then you can add one lens from the brand new databases for spherical and anamorphic cine prime and cine zoom lenses.

You can choose from big-name manufacturers like ARRI, Angenieux, Canon, Cooke, Leica, Schneider, Sigma, Zeiss as well as vintage and less mainstream brands like Bausch & Lomb, Gecko-Cam, Hanse Inno Tech, Hawk, IB/E, Lomo, P+S Technik, Rokinon, ServiceVision, Technovision, Vantage and many many more.

The databases and tools are constantly evolving and growing so keep checking back to see if your desired camera and lens combination is already available.

Check out the new tools:

Lens Coverage Tool

Spherical Cine Prime Lenses

Spherical Cine Zoom Lenses

Anamorphic Cine Prime Lenses

Anamorphic Cine Zoom Lenses